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Job Categories :

  1. Graphic Designer (Only from Kerala, for Advt & Printing Co.)
  2. Laser cutter, Technical Labour (For Advt & Printing Co.)
  3. Machine operator, Asst Machine operator (For Advt & Printing Co.)
  4. Coffer Makers (For Café outlet)
  5. Delivery Drivers (For online food delivery co.,saudi return)
  6. Masons, Electricians, Plumbers, Helpers (For Construction Co)
  7. Nurses (For private sector hospitals and medical centers) 

To apply contact on email id: 

Contact : 022-40231144 (Mumbai, Whatsapp Mumbai office: 8657453961, 8657453962, 8657453963, 8657453964 

contact : 0495 4021122 (Calicut) Whatsapp Calicut office: 7025878155 

Read the ad to know more about the vacancies and the qualifications / Experience reqd. | Read the Ad carefully before you apply

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[Note: We try to provide genuine jobs .We dont have any role in Recruitment Process.Please enquiry about the Recruiting Agent before you accept the Job Offer / Pay any Money to them]

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