Urgent Recruitment For Reputed Catering Company – Qatar

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Urgent Recruitment For Reputed Catering Company - Qatar

Urgent Recruitment For Reputed Catering Company – Qatar

Positions :

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Customer Service Representative – Back Office
  3. Customer Service Supervisor
  4. Customer Service Training & Quality Assurance Analyst
  5. Customer Service Expert
  6. Personal Trainer
  7. Life Guard
  8. Public Relations Expert
  9. Public Relations Expert
  10. Public Relations Executive
  11. Photography Supervisor-1
  12. Photography Supervisor-1
  13. Photography Supervisor-2
  14. Graphic Designer 1
  15. Graphic Designer 2

To Apply, Send CV To wahaa.hc1@gmail.com

Mobile: 9820373580, 9819903137, 9833319896 / 9820494766

How To Apply : Prospective candidates with relevant experience are invited to reach out to the branch office directly or submit their CV via email. Please ensure that your application includes a valid contact number, experience certificates, as well as copies of your passport and photo. When sending your application via email, kindly mention the job title in the subject line. Additionally, please provide your Skype and Zoom IDs in the CV for smooth online interview coordination. We look forward to receiving your applications.

Note: Avoid making any advance payments to recruiters. Only proceed with payments after visa processing. Our platform is not engaged in any aspect of the recruitment process. We strongly advise applicants to thoroughly research the credibility of prospective employers and independently verify the authenticity of recruiters before making any financial transactions with them.

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